Thursday, October 29, 2020

Big Barrel of... | Brew Detective Best of 2020

Jackie Treehorn Presents:

The pandemic, police killing minorities, social unrest and protests, increased homelessness, the closure of far too many small businesses, and catastrophic fires along the west coast, were all tossed into one big barrel of WTF, better known as Portland, Oregon. To hell with an emotional state. My mind feels as though it's been overwritten. Things look fucked because they are. Time feels off, askew, now is a time for reflection, an opportunity to reconsider. 

Let's look inward to ensure a more positive direction moving forward. If we take action, if we prove that we care about one another, about the natural world, we will reap a more fruitful benefit. There's only one spaceship fit to fly us around the sun. We've been mistreating Mother Earth for far too long. Future generations are being dealt drastic doses of environmental deterioration. Reactive policies, tactics, and practices, have never been good enough. We have to do better.

Nature continues on, complete and perfect in its organic chaos, despite human influence. Time will not stop for us. We can make changes to give us new chances. There is so much to consider and I'm sorry if this was too sermon-like. I often use this platform as more of a digital journal, so as always, thanks for checking in. If you're still reading, hopefully my rambling reinforces the idea of, Do the Right Thing. Below is the positivity portion of this post. 


I've assembled, for the first time in many moons, the best of Brew Detective. The list below showcases my favorite beers of 2020. Most selections were new beers released this calendar year, others were new to me. Having a tasty craft beer is one of life's pleasures — tastebuds need love too. Let's promote good energy through the rest of the year and beyond. Hopefully autumn feels kind, be safe out there. Enjoy these libations responsibly.

Best of Brew Detective | 2020

Dynamic Duo IPA | Ex Novo

Fanzine IPA | Fort George

Maiden West IPA | Little Beast

Eureka Pale Ale | Buoy

Panacea Pale Ale | Ex Novo

Pliny the Younger | Russian River

Jealous Butcher: Side A Pilsner | Fort George & Von Ebert

Farmers Annuary | Fort George \ Crosby Hops

Fields of Green | Fort George  \ Coleman Farms Citra Hops (canned: 9.25.20) \ 7.6% 

Shout-out to: Amalgamator IPA | BeachWood & Space Danger IPA | Fremont

Pale Ale | Beachcrest Brewing Co. 


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