Tuesday, October 30, 2012

only in the NBAaahhh

i'm so stoked for the start of a new, full season of nba hoops. the wizards will be in cleveland to tip things off against the cavs tonight at 7:00pm eastern. this will be our first glance at uncle drew's new back court mate and syracuse product, dion waiters. one thing's for sure, kyrie's a baller, he gets buckets. apologies go out to those of you waiting for a less main stream post - it'll happen...

Unlce Drew | Chapter 1

kyrie irving is already a top flight talent, this year he's trying to make a push for the playoffs and probably an all-star game. he's a joy to watch and an ultra competitive gamer who's one of my favorite young players. can you imagine a first round match up in which the heat and cavs meet in a 1 vs. 8?

in miami, the heat play the celtics in a rematch of last years eastern conference finals. it might also be the most sub plot heavy game in recent memory. lebron is now on a mission to ascend into the all time greatest debate, the heat are looking to repeat, wade is presumably back to form after some off season knee rehabbing, ray allen is now on the heat, KG and the truth are pissed, codename rondo hates ray allen, the celtics retooled for one more shot at a title, which is sure to run through miami and we get to see all of this play out on a night where the heat will be given their championship rings. i'm pretty sure most of the celtics won't be on the floor for that. this is almost too much for me to handle, damn i love the male version of a soap opera aka the NBA. this is can't miss tv. the game starts at 8:00pm eastern on tnt.

the final game of the night belongs to los angelos, where the lakers host dallas. it's no secret that i despise the lakers. also high on my never rooting for them list are the mavericks. really the reason to tune in for this one is to see if the newest super team can mesh. regardless of kobe being a game time decision and dirk sitting out, i want a sneak peak at the nash, howard, gasol experiment. ahhh i hate the lakers, why nash, why? this game get underway at 10:30 eastern on tnt. the association returns.


Viva Gigantes!

Romo & Posey
world series champions again! that makes two in three years. mad props to the Giants and to the city of san francisco. what a ride, thanks for taking us on the journey. the 2012 giants persevered and came to life when the stakes were highest. the Giants organization outdid their rivals when it came to making the right moves off the field and in the club house. scutaro became the "blockbuster," pence turned into the pre-game preacher, the pitching staff was tweaked and impeccable during the postseason, panda hit .500 in the series with a babe ruth cameo and above all, the TEAM came first, everyone made sacrifices to achieve the greater goal. this was a team that had commodore, character and confidence in becoming what jim leyland called, "the main attraction." they provided results, how could you not get behind this team?

these Giants proved that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. there were multiple heroes throughout the postseason. much of the roster reflected a more homegrown approach. the management also sprinkled in a few key additions and trades. there were other times throughout the year that made the outsiders doubtful. but if we as a generation look back at this world series champion, we will do so with fondness. this team performed at a 1966 orioles level when acknowledging the dominance of their pitching. when we reminisce about the excitement playoff baseball runs can create, the 2012 Giants will rival the paths taken by the 2011 cardinals, 2004 red sox and the 1985 royals...

orange and black, trick or treat, october is the time of fall classics and halloween... was it destiny? because there's a strong likelihood we'll hear the word dynasty being thrown around now and this group of Giants definitely earned it. we rode the wave of six elimination games into flying out on brooms. i tip my SF cap to the manager, bruce bochy and to the entire 2012 san francisco Giants, congratulations. world series champion again!

it turned out to be a giant year ~eightychoices

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Classic - SF style

what a roller coaster ride of thrilling moments and spectacular team play. throw in the lights out pitching, timely collective hitting, with a certain panda going all reggie jackson, and you're left with a good old fashioned fall classic. matt cain takes the mound tonight for the giants in game four.

like most sports crazed residents of the bay area, i too am living vicariously through these Giants. i'll be wearing my same shirt, swigging on california beers and donning my world series cap, superstition is a part of the american past time. enjoy the 108th world series, it's way better than the nfl, go gigantes!



Sunday, October 14, 2012

lets's go Giants!

los Gigantes de San Francisco
the league championship series have started in major league baseball. regardless of major league baseball being as mainstream as it gets, it's hard not to embrace this 2012 giants team that is filled with its share of magic and a cast of alternative characters.  

after pulling of an improbable comeback against the cincinnati reds (down two games to none and then winning three in a row on the road to advance), they've earned the right to host the NLCS against last years champions, the st. louis cardinals. both of these storied teams have had the odds stacked against them in their quest to advance through the post season. it's only fitting that the last two world champions should meet.
the bay area is going to be rocking tonight as game one gets under way a little after 5:00 pm pst. you couldn't ask for a better setting than at&t park to kick off what is sure to be a memorable battle between two tested teams. this seven game series will probably produce some feverish entertainment along the way considering what's unfolded thus far in the playoffs. throw into the mix the fact that st. louis is a baseball city and san francisco belongs to the giants, and you have the recipe for an electric october atmosphere. for many, the national league is a purer form of baseball and with guys like tim lincecum (two time cy young award winner), matt cain (pitched a perfect game) and buster posey (nl batting champ), it's sure to be a thrilling series. it's time to get rowdy orange and black... go Giants!

Monday, October 1, 2012

hot cheetos & takis

welcome to the world of hot cheetos and takis. this jam is so deaf (and clever) that it warrants the accolade of, the summer jam. not only does it have outrageous beats, snappy lyrics and an ultra fresh video, it's totally listener friendly for all ages. thanks to the after school programs at the nellie stone johnson beacons center in minneapolis, local kids are offered the chance to hone their skills in a multitude of culturally creative outlets. where was this when i was little? the Y.N RichKids took it to a whole new level by churning out not only a potential club banger, but also the playground anthem of the summer.

no matter what your musical flavor is, this track will probably resonate with you due to it's adorable performers and G rated subject matter. what's not to like about "ridin' around on my bicycle..." it's safe to say that these youngsters have talent (they're not signed) and will hopefully influence the grown ups of the rap game. there are seven rappers on this after school track. their transitioning flows are seamless and the overall sound is easily high-end. throughout the track you're reminded about the day in the life of a 12 year old. there is an ensemble of story telling, yet the lone young lady is the secret weapon who unleashes the smoothest lyrical lines. regardless, they all have legitimate skills and unique deliveries.

so if the beats don't move you or the video isn't quite your thing, just bring yourself back to the lyrics, they're too dope to overlook. big ups to the youth of minneapolis, the after school programs at nellie stone johnson beacons center and the north community beats and rhymes program for keeping it real.


ps. it's available for download on itunes.