Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Fade Into You

Mazzy Star | "Fade Into You" | So Tonight That I Might See

... I want to take the breath that's true.


Monday, February 20, 2017

New Orleans | All-Stars

Game notes: These accounts of the 66th NBA All-Star Game will probably be biased, and that's OK, because everyone has a rooting interest when in comes to sports. I will however, try and make comments that are impacted by observation versus preference. 

Starters: LeBron and Giannis were the two most impressive guys on the court to start the game. Speaking of the court, I loved the Fleur de lis lane and the minimal use of graphics around each side's three point line. Bron Bron and The Greek Freak (does he even like that nickname?) both posses once-in-a-lifetime athletic ability and otherworldly builds. Combine those traits to their gifted skill sets and your left with two players the spotlight has to follow.

LeBron had some ridiculous highlight reel dunks. The lob and the shot-like skip-pass from Kyrie, the pass to himself off the glass, the two reverse slams, and a three from the half court circle; it's unexplainable, he's unexplainable, we are all witness.

19 minutes | 23 points


Giannis has now ascended into the Russel Westbrook realm, he plays every game hard, knowing only one gear, all out. I love that he went for steals, made windmill dunks look like child's play and wanted to guard Durant for real. His flush on the lob from Kyrie and his rebound put-back dunk, both on Curry, were stank. The reactions of Green, Carmelo and Kyle Lowry, post-posterization were priceless? Antetokounmpo is moving beyond impressive.

23 minutes | 30 points


John Wall is a stud. He may be the fastest player with the ball, he has the ability to finish with either hand and he can straight rise in hurry. Those lefty dunks aren't easy. I came away thinking, what a gamer, he wants to win. I believe Wall knows how good he is; he's been making others around him better all year in D.C. And another thing, I think John Wall is one of the three to five best athletes among the NBA's elite players. In no particular order: LeBron, Westbrook, Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, John Wall.
----- 21 minutes | 12 points | 6 rebounds | 4 assists | 4 steals -----

Russel Westbrook for president in 2020. If you like sports, especially hoops, you have to like Westbrook. You don't have to root for him (I do), but you should respect how he exerts himself physically. Hell, he forces his will onto the opposition (aka: the obstacles in his path to destroying normal humans and thus, leading his group of real life hybrid super-human/X-Men into the future). I loved that he warmed up on his own hoop before the game...then Harden and some others joined him. He didn't have to start in order to flex is Alpha-dog might. The entire West squad was obviously hooking up the host star with heaps of love. Capturing MVP, Davis scored 52 and broke Wilt's record by ten. Regardless, Russel stole the show, mixing snarls with smiles. Westbrook Jedi'd the in-game call guy into announcing that he had scored a three, even though Harden sunk the failed lob attempt. Former NBA star and now announcer, Chris Webber declared, "he only knows one speed, aggression." Russy accelerated his way into every particle of the game like a hadron collider. When he dropped four straight 3's and then quickly added another, or when he passed that laser beam off the back board to DeAndre Jordan, all I could mentally conjure was, Damn! Sure the lob from KD was fun too; Russel pointed toward him after they converted the give and go. Big ups to the West bench for breaking the ice as they headed toward a TV timeout. Westbrook played this game like every other—Damn!

20 minutes | 41 points


One of my favorite moments of the game was the conversation between Gordon Hayward and Kemba Walker during a mic'd up segment. The first-time All-stars (I'm a big fan of both) were chilling next to each other chatting about their handles and such. The way the two of them interacted made me remember all the great encounters I've had throughout life on a basketball court.


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Friday, February 17, 2017

Who Needs You

The Orwells | "Who Needs You" | Disgraceland

Finally. Now we're getting somewhere. One more time... Do something!


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Sunday, February 12, 2017


You're defined by your actions. Equality has no boundaries.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I Went To The Store One Day

Joshua Tillman | "I Went To the Store One Day" | I Love You Honeybear

...those words.


Thursday, February 2, 2017

Two Wildly Different Perspectives

Father John Misty | "Two Wildly Different Perspectives" | Pure Comedy