Monday, July 12, 2010

so much music!

there is an array of great new music being released. couple that with the immense summer tours & festivals going off & one can only hope to get a piece of the action. being a fan of live music, i would recommend supporting the artist in that capacity. i would also encourage concerts goers to take a risk sometimes. by that i mean, seeing something outside of your favorite genre or perhaps not investing all of your hard earned money into catching only your favorite band(s). there is such a myriad of potent music available. let alone all of the local talent that is just starting to reach new ears. there's intrigue in experiencing something new, fresh & undiscovered so to speak. variety is the spice of life, right? would you rather catch the same band for the Nth time in this calendar year or would you rather say you were there when...? it's tough to say if it's the perfect dilemma. i definitely have my favorites, so i understand that side of the story too.
i would encourage anyone & everyone, depending of their level of interest & keeping in mind their preferences of intimate venues vs. mega events with the masses, to consider the growing list of summer music festivals. having been fortunate enough to experience some great fests, they can be well worth it, if not unforgettable. often times the journey just to get there (let alone leaving) can be equally worthy of future stories that will surely be elaborated upon.
there are all types, located all over the country & the globe for that matter, with multiple days, ways, tastes, shapes, sizes & vibes. there's most definitely one out there that will suit you. whether you just want a weekend getaway or a week's vacation, fuel it with the great creativity that is live music.
my wife & i always enjoy checking out all of the folks who are hooking up the good eats, expensive beverages & artisan vending that spans the consumer gauntlet. the big daddy festivals even boast comedians, movie theatre tents, late nights that run until morning & yoga to rejuvenate (i prefer bacon & beer). amidst all of this i failed to mention how cool it is when something epic goes down that could only occur there & then, due to the setting. of course these fests can get spendy, but hey, we all need time & space to unwind & release.
if the small local show, or the big time festival aren't your bag there's always your local record store!