Wednesday, November 21, 2012

glutton vs. sloth

the holiday season is upon us, it will officially begin tomorrow & moderately punish us while simultaneously rewarding us, until the calendar reads 2013. typically we're getting ready to host a bunch of kick ass friends to share in the feast, watch movies on the deck, bang some holiday poles, maybe start a fire & partake in some good old fashioned debauchery (we'll be back). this year we're deviating to spend time with some of my family. i'm looking forward to it & so is my mom. hopefully the weather will cooperate for some horseshoes. regardless, we'll get our grub on.

as we near the winter season & gear up for some mountain snow, let's take this day of thanks to enjoy friends, family & loved ones, before the potentially taxing toll of the holidays wear us out. besides, thanksgiving pretty much equals glorified gluttony. gobble gobble...

cheers to being a sloth for a day or two, happy holidays!


Friday, November 2, 2012

Uncle Drew x2

look here young bloods, uncle drew is back and he brought wes off the hardware store floor to wreak havoc on the courts, buckets style. it never hurts to have the greatest champion of team sports make an appearance, thanks to mr. bill russell, an original legend in so many ways. got to love the hard screen and roll, lots of credit to kyrie & k. love. thanks to the Dr. doesn't this make you want to hoop?    

Uncle Drew | Chapter 2 | featuring: Wes

peep a game if you get a chance, there are some great young talents playing the game the right way.