Wednesday, November 21, 2012

glutton vs. sloth

the holiday season is upon us, it will officially begin tomorrow & moderately punish us while simultaneously rewarding us, until the calendar reads 2013. typically we're getting ready to host a bunch of kick ass friends to share in the feast, watch movies on the deck, bang some holiday poles, maybe start a fire & partake in some good old fashioned debauchery (we'll be back). this year we're deviating to spend time with some of my family. i'm looking forward to it & so is my mom. hopefully the weather will cooperate for some horseshoes. regardless, we'll get our grub on.

as we near the winter season & gear up for some mountain snow, let's take this day of thanks to enjoy friends, family & loved ones, before the potentially taxing toll of the holidays wear us out. besides, thanksgiving pretty much equals glorified gluttony. gobble gobble...

cheers to being a sloth for a day or two, happy holidays!


1 comment:

  1. gobble gobble is right! family, friends and the slow life. you're onto something :)