Thursday, February 28, 2013

here they come to save the bay

Sound Tribe Sector 9
it's been a west coast heavy week to kick off their 2013 winter tour, yet there a few more stops along the pacific for Sound Tribe Sector 9. the Eureka theatre show appears to have the tour gusto early on. plus, the threads spun on the lowdown seem to verify this truth. thus far they've treated folks in Portland, Seattle, Eugene, Eureka & Chico. tonight they perform on the Nevada side of Tahoe at Montbleu. word is the Senator theatre show had a hiccup, apparently they chose to restart the scheme reprise two minutes in. i trust they'll have ironed out those kinks by the Fox. peep this go pro video from the Crystal Ballroom (one of my favorite venues).

this Friday, the 1st of march, they make waves at the beautiful Fox theater in Oakland. there will be a sizable crew on hand for this one. we'll have to lock down some real estate on the floor, in order to dance like we're wearing moon boots. Saturday, march 2nd, they set up at the Palladium in LA. both of these shows will be available to stream.

once STS9 leaves California, they're off to Colorawdy to tear up Telluride for two nights. dotted along the way are some other two night stands. one is in Lawrence at Liberty hall. the next double dip occurs in Chicago, with different venues playing host each night. then they're down to the dirty sizzle for a five day blitz. the first night is in Charleston. next up are two nights in Athens at the Georgia theatre. to close down the winter leg, they'll squeeze the Orange Peel (most over hyped venue), in Asheville (cool town that i used to call home). roughly two weeks later they warm up the buss for an early spring fling that gets under way in Minneapolis before heading back east and then down the Atlantic. T-minus and counting until lunar liftoff...


Monday, February 11, 2013

Last Shop Standing

the Last Shop Standing is an awesome documentary from the UK focusing on records stores. during the 80's there were more than 2,200 independent record shops in Britain. by 2009 there were only 269 left. it spurs me to wonder what the U.S. numbers of independent record stores are and were. i'm so thankful for my nearest and dearest museum of vinyl, the Last Record Store. i will always be drawn to locally owned shops that curate vinyl, which in turn nurtures the community.

The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop - Last Shop Standing

Thanks to all the local shops,

Friday, February 1, 2013

Lord Huron

No time to rest. I'm going to find me a life, baby, way out west.     - time to run 

Lord Huron made an artistic leap on Lonesome Dreams (released in October '12). rarely does a band make it so painfully easy for the listener to cling to lyrics. they produce a sound resembling that which is precisely placed. whenever the process became clear, amidst the haze of the recording journey, it was duly noted and nurtured. the result for Lord Huron, was a neo-nostalgic album, a turning the corner moment (that should be duly noted). Lonesome Dreams is a warm classic that will be discovered wildly by future miners of music gold. California tour stops include Sacramento and Coachella.

What good is livin' a life you've been given - If all you do is stand in one place?     - ends of the earth 

enjoy, eightychoices