Monday, October 1, 2012

hot cheetos & takis

welcome to the world of hot cheetos and takis. this jam is so deaf (and clever) that it warrants the accolade of, the summer jam. not only does it have outrageous beats, snappy lyrics and an ultra fresh video, it's totally listener friendly for all ages. thanks to the after school programs at the nellie stone johnson beacons center in minneapolis, local kids are offered the chance to hone their skills in a multitude of culturally creative outlets. where was this when i was little? the Y.N RichKids took it to a whole new level by churning out not only a potential club banger, but also the playground anthem of the summer.

no matter what your musical flavor is, this track will probably resonate with you due to it's adorable performers and G rated subject matter. what's not to like about "ridin' around on my bicycle..." it's safe to say that these youngsters have talent (they're not signed) and will hopefully influence the grown ups of the rap game. there are seven rappers on this after school track. their transitioning flows are seamless and the overall sound is easily high-end. throughout the track you're reminded about the day in the life of a 12 year old. there is an ensemble of story telling, yet the lone young lady is the secret weapon who unleashes the smoothest lyrical lines. regardless, they all have legitimate skills and unique deliveries.

so if the beats don't move you or the video isn't quite your thing, just bring yourself back to the lyrics, they're too dope to overlook. big ups to the youth of minneapolis, the after school programs at nellie stone johnson beacons center and the north community beats and rhymes program for keeping it real.


ps. it's available for download on itunes.

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