Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day / Live 2020

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Jack White Trio | "Don't Hurt Yourself, Ball n Biscuit, Jesus is Coming" |

The medley of songs was fueled by a rock'n and powerful three-piece. Jack White reminded everyone why live music is so infectious. Make no mistake, live music is something we long for, it's vital to our souls. 

His squealing guitar was an onslaught of arrows, every squall piercing with inflection. The drummer added force and measure, remaining constant and attached to White's timings. Bass players do as bass players do, their job, holding it down, yet full of capacity. Their collective sound was minimal yet cavernous and banging. Though there were abrasive elements, welcomed by this listener, it was approachable, understandable. 

The lyrical change-ups during "Jesus..." were dutifully scripted for the here and now. Different segments showcased the band's abilities, energy, timing, power and emotion. Raw, dripping in talent and hard work, shredding, they were just what I needed. Thanks Jack White. Long Live Live Music.


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