Thursday, November 5, 2020

Brew Detective: Fresh Hops / 2020

OR Fresh Hopped Beers / O-R they?

Brew Detective | Fresh Hop Eliot IPA | Ex Novo 
    I believe Goschie Farms provided the Centennial Hops for this particular Eliot, which was canned on 08.31.20. The first thing I noticed was a wet, dank, earthy presence up front in the nose, which I enjoy. A doughy head formed. Surprisingly, the first good gulp showcased subtlety I didn't expect. Carbonation playfully added to the somewhat clear ale. Well placed notes of bitterness hit early, then eased off while still providing finishing flavor. 

Fresh Hop Eliot went down with ease (6.6%). This delicious beer pairs well with Little Creatures, by The Talking Heads. Ex Novo is one of my faves, and in my hood. Sorry for the hiatus. Hope you dig the tasting notes...

Brew Detective | Fresh IPA | Fort George 
    Strata Hops are front and center on this wet hopped and unfiltered IPA from Fort George, perhaps my favorite Oregon brewery. The can created a good 'popping' sound and a tropical nose pushed itself out. Guava and late summer blooms blended with the warm air. The clarity is crazy, an awesome cap of foam insulates the wood and pine aromas. Slight trickles of carbonation stream upward, this beer pours great.    

More bitterness is present in the tasting than the nose suggests, plus I smell a damp forest, and I like it. This fresh hop IPA was canned on 09.08.20 and registered in at 6.4%. Most of these tasting notes were hand written in a journal during the Oregon fires of 2020. Sorry for the late takes.

Brew Detective | Green Keeper | Little Beast 
    A crushable, fresh hopped American pale ale, thanks Little Beast. The smell of rained on veggies filled my snout. Once poured I noticed a much lighter hue than the aromas had crafted images of. It looks unlike any pale ale I've seen. The Centennial Hops offer some funkier aromas once poured. Clarity is almost pilsner-like as a fluffy head forms atop the ale. Crispness wins out, but there is a slight bitterness late. This was unique at 5.2% and approachable for those looking for a change of pace.

I'll be sleuthing craft suds a bit more regularly, with some additional fresh hop reviews too, as I sprinkle in some music along the way. Enjoy the seasonal transition as changes occur, fall has arrived in the PNW. Change is on the horizon in more ways than one. Be safe out there and try to be kind (it can be hard sometimes). Thanks for checking in. Consume craft beer responsibly. 


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