Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dynamic Duo | Ex Novo

Ex Novo is adapting during these crazy times. I'm thankful to neighbor such a business, keep on keep'n on. Independent businesses make Portland cool and I'm pulling for you. We support our local brewers, comic shop, and of course grocer, as much as is reasonable. We recently walked home with Ex Novo's  Perle Haggard Pils and Dynamic Duo, an imperial IPA (7.6%).

First of all the artwork is awesome. Freshness pops as you crack open a pint. Warm weather fruit pushes through to create aromas of nectarine and mango, carbonation races upward. The clarity is next level, showing off its soft golden hues. I like the interaction between smell and taste; contrasting traits work to enhance the senses. Bitterness is noticeable but well rounded, reminiscent of Pliny.

If you live in Portland and are interested in supporting Ex Novo, they're open for business and also deliver! It doesn't get much better than that considering what we're all going through. Enjoy craft beer responsibly.

Be safe,

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