Wednesday, October 28, 2015

War of the Worlds

Pegasus Theater Co. | War of the Worlds
It was 77 years ago (this Friday) that the radio broadcast of H.G. Wells tale, The War of the Worlds, sent the American public into a frenzy. Martians invading New Jersey would do that. Whether the accounts of said hysteria were exaggerated or not, it stirs thought and conversation still today. With Halloween steadily approaching, The Pegasus Theater Company is presenting a mixed media play at the Graton Community Club on October 30th and 31st. This one-of-a-kind production will be based off of the 1938 radio script as well as the reported panic. A live Foley artist creating sound effects, seven actors and mixed media art will comprise the evening's surrealistic-like setting. Tickets are $15 on Friday and pay-what-you-can on Halloween. These type of artistic happenings help to enrich local community and provide a form of entertainment that is in contrast to our digital short term attention spans. See you at the performance.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PUBlication: Son of Wrath

PUBlication: Son of Wrath
Let's raise a glass to those with hops, basketball players, Pip our bunny, or double IPA's that make you taste what you're drinking. Dust Bowl Brewing out of Turlock, CA has been crafting a super line of beers. The Therapist, Hops of Wrath, Hobo Pilsner and Stout are all delicious within their distinct genre. Recently my first Son of Wrath was had, a double IPA that I'd been waiting to indulge in. I love that Dust Bowl Brewing features a rabbit as part of their iconic branding. I have a huge soft spot for Lagomorphs (aka rabbits, hares and pikas). With that said this robust DIPA packs a late punch into a malt backed, five hop medley.

Son of Wrath has a remarkably soft nose considering that Galaxy, Centennial and Columbus hops make up the majority of the hop-bill. There is a delicately thin head that appears briefly before disappearing almost entirely. The color resembles an orange-like, melted caramel. Up front the taste is milder than expected—most likely due to the malt profile balancing amidst the hops. Brace yourself however for the late hitting bitterness on the back end. Turn it wrong side up, responsibly. The Son of Wrath is both smooth and wild, just like a rabbit. 9.5 % | 92 IBUs


Monday, October 19, 2015

Elvis Costello | Radio Silence

Elvis Costello | Nourse Theater | Oct. 22nd
Radio Silence is supplying the host, Public Radio is offering up the audio and Elvis Costello will be the personality doing the capturing. The City Arts & Lectures series is co-presenting Mr. Costello with Dan Stone from Radio Silence on October 22nd at 7:30pm. 

The Nourse Theater appears as an atmosphere almost too beautiful, setting the tone for engaging intellectualism. This type of inspired escape keeps us in the moment, away from the busy hustle of modern life. It makes us shut off our digital distractions. Join Elvis Costello for a night of banter that is sure to trigger the senses. Tickets are still available for this event. 


Friday, October 16, 2015

The Association

LeBron James is gunning for the title.
The Association is gearing up for another scintillating season. Opening night is October 27th and on the slate will be Bulls vs. Cavs, Pistons vs. Hawks and Warriors vs. Pelicans. There are plenty of questions coming into the season that will surely get answered along the way. Below is a host of topics that I'm interested in paying attention to throughout the  NBA grind. 

Can the Warriors repeat? Will LeBron make it to a sixth straight Finals (which would be insane)? Can teams like Miami, Indiana and Utah make it back into the playoff mix? Will Minnesota make a leap with its youth movement tethered to veterans? How will Aldridge fit in with the Spurs and will the Trailblazers thus slide in the standings? How will Hoiberg and Donovan do coaching pro teams with high expectations? Can Bosh, Durant, Paul George, Kyrie and Love all recapture their peak form? Is D. Rose made of glass? Will the Bucks surprise in the East? Is the Brow ready to take over in the West with a new coach? Who takes home The Larry O'Brien Trophy?

There are of course many more storylines to follow as they unfold. The West will once again be a gauntlet, the East is improving and every team needs health to have a chance. I'll take my chances with LeBron. My playoff predictions for each conference below are listed alphabetically by division. Only in the NBA.

East: Boston, Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Miami, Washington

West: Golden State, LA Clippers, Oklahoma City, Utah, Houston, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

PUBlication: Enjoy By 10.31.15

PUBlication: Enjoy By 10.31.15
This is a true hop bomb with multitudes of varietals as well as additional stages of hopping throughout the brewing process. There are too many types of hops from both the northern and southern hemisphere to name, just scan the QR image on the bottle. Pouring this fresh IPA you'll notice a heady foam trying to sedate its resinous smell. There are some fruity notes lingering amidst the musty aroma. My tasting partner nailed it with declaring how dry it is regardless of the ingredient list. The mushroom cloud of hops is validated by a prominent flavor profile and noticeable effect—this remarkable IPA induces what can only be called a beer high. Stone Brewing Company has hit this Enjoy By batch out of the park. There is no hiding from this beer or it strength in hops. Enjoy By 10.31.15 is waiting to be had and there isn't much time. 9.4% | 88 IBU's 


Friday, October 9, 2015

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket | Waterfall Tour 
My Morning Jacket is stampeding toward the Bay area, steadily gaining steam while on tour to support their latest album The Waterfall, which was recorded in Marin. San Francisco will play host for three nights, second only to the four night stand at the Beacon in NYC. They have garnered a fair amount of praise throughout this current tour. Their most recent stop at Red Rocks was available to watch via simulcast, a first for the band. It was said to be a lively set in line with the epic NYE Fillmore shows from 2006 as well as the late night throw down at Bonnaroo in 2008. All of this hype is just kindling to stoke the flames for their run at The Masonic (October 15-17). We'll be attending the Saturday night finale which should be a fiery blitz of soul laden rock and roll. Tickets are still available and a bit pricier compared to past tours. Maybe the bear will appear again as he did in '06. See you at the show.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Third Man Records | Vault Package #26

The White Stripes
The first White Stripes record accessible to the masses came in 1999. Third Man Records has released the bait to their latest limited package. This Vault only release is titled, The Cass Corridor Collection: Live at the Gold Dollar Vol. III. This early show at Detroit's Gold Dollar is a vital piece to The White Stripes raw beginnings. Volumes I and II from this same Motor City bar were previously released on Vault #13.

Highlights from this February night include covers, "Stop Breaking Down" and "One More Cup of Coffee." Other songs showed up for the first time such as, "Suzy Lee" and "Astro." A medley near the end consisting of, "Cannon/John the Revelator/Grinnin' in Your Face," have me eagerly awaiting this vinyl. Sign up for your very own Vault membership and enjoy a plethora of audiophile goodies each quarter. Vault Package #26 includes a blood-red 180 gram record, a 7" Dead Weather single, a recreation of Jack's original flyer for the show, two glossy photos of the band and a hand-written set list, plus a Third Man Records enamel pin. I can't wait to get this Vault Package. Enjoy.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Brokedown Palace

Last night the Watkins Family Hour played an exceptional version of "Brokedown Palace." This classic tale is one of many gems amidst the crown jewel that is American Beauty. Thank you Mr. Hunter for drafting the piercing words to an all-time great story. The Family Hour's musical arrangement does "Palace" a supreme justice—harkening back to the scene at Wally's studio. That Americana feel with deeply rooted emotion will always have a place in my world, perhaps yours too. In the spirit of Bay area music, past and present, here's to a musically inspired weekend. Click on the links for live streaming of Austin City Limits and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, both festivals begin today. Fare thee well. 

Watkins Family Hour | "Brokedown Palace"

PS. This track appears on the debut album from Watkins Family Hour. They are not at ACL or HSBF.