Friday, April 27, 2018

Brew Detective: Maine Beer Co.

Lunch IPA | Freeport, ME
As soon as this beautiful bottle was popped open, stone fruit called out to me. The pour lofted up nice foam with a plus level of carbonation. Clean was the best word coming to mind to justify both the look and taste. Lunch possessed a nuance in its flavor, it was true to the hops, it's beer. There was a diverse range of bitterness, yet Lunch leans toward subtle, rather than intense. Maine Beer Company has crafted a well-balanced IPA rounded out by a bouquet of hop notes. I'm stoked this made the shelves of a local grocer. Drink Responsibly. 

"Lunch is a special whale that has been spotted off the Maine coast since 1982. She has what looks like a bite taken out of her fin, which adds to her unique character. We dedicate this beer to her determination and persistence. Keep on swimming!" 

Malts: American 2-Row, Carapils, Caramel 40L, Munich 10L, Red Wheat
Hops: Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe
Lunch IPA | 7% ABV

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

By Your Side

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Sade | "By Your Side" | Lovers Rock

I will show you, you're so much better than you know

When you're lost
You're alone and you can't get back again
I will find you, darling, I will bring you home


Monday, April 16, 2018

I Owe You Nothing

Best New Music

Seinabo Sey | "I Owe You Nothing"

I don't have to walk for you
I don't have to talk to you
See, I'm not on display
Never was, never will ever be for you

I won't help you understand
I don't need no helping hand, no
See, these aren't tears, this is the ocean
These aren't fears, this is devotion

Why you always have to try me?
You think that I'm gon' follow blindly


Saturday, April 14, 2018

Radiohead | Chile | 2018


Radiohead ended their main set in Santiago with this burner. The final, frenetic breakdown is worthy of gyrating and spasmodic dance moves. Give me some of that. — "This one is for the children."

Fake Plastic Trees

Who does that? Who's capable of creating a dance track of frenzied energy, then leaves the stage and comes back to tear at the strings of your heart? Radiohead, that's who. — "And It wears me out. Wears me out. It wears me out. It wears me out. If I could be, who you wanted. If I could be who you wanted, all the time. All the time."

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Rough Cut

This Is Home 

The Faction Collective: Finland

These guys are crazy athletes, and crazy. It's inspiring to see someone create such a fun and adventurous art form by utilizing our everyday surroundings; then they go and literally grind it out with their athleticism and imagination. Go big or go home. This Is Home...


Monday, April 9, 2018

Make Me Feel

Best New Music

Janelle Monáe | "Make Me Feel" | Dirty Computer

This sounds good. It's her own thing, but it's most definitely steeped in the sexual pop magic of Prince. Do your thing Janelle, do your thing. Two singles are available now, the album releases later this month.


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Brew Detective: Mikkeller Windy Hill IPA

Mikkeller beer has become more available with four packs having hit the shelves in our little town. Windy Hill is a New England style IPA (please say there's no flour), it's juicy, fruity and tasty too. Windy Hill pours incredibly hazy with dense fruit aromas. If you actually empty the pint, there's more sediment than I prefer. Hopefully those particulates have to do with the Simcoe and Mosaic hops used to dry hop this delicious India Pale Ale.

Keep in mind that this IPA is brewed with a rotation of hops, not always is it the same hop bill, but it does register at 7% regardless of the ingredient profile. Windy Hill is basically hop juice. I was stoked to see it in our fridge, thanks to my better half. Hopefully these heady pint cans find your local grocers or beer shops. If not, look for Mikkeller beer on tap at fine establishments or at one of their California locations if you're lucky enough to live near one. Drink Responsibly.


Monday, April 2, 2018

No Ordinary Love

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Sade | "No Ordinary Love" | Love Deluxe

This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love
This is no ordinary love
No ordinary love

When you came my way
Brightened every day
With your sweet smile

Didn't I tell you 
What I believe