Saturday, May 19, 2018

Brew Detective: Barrel Brothers

Taking My Talents to New England
Windsor's Barrel Brothers is one of many west coast breweries deciding to bite on the New England style. Taking My Talents to New England is a deliciously smooth, flaked IPA. I was drawn to this four pack due to the name & label. The brewing information rests on jerseys. A flaming hop, influenced by the Miami Heat logo is the centerpiece and a rendering of a basketball court fills the background. Did I mention I love basketball?

It teeters toward the juicy side but it's not a total juice bomb. Flaked oats and wheat give it a foggy appearance without sacrificing hop forward flavor. As far as hazy IPAs go, this one is very well balanced and doesn't taste too sweet, nor does it have an abundance of particulates. Running the point is 2-Row malt. Vermont Ale Yeast is used to illicit its own unique set of characteristics. I highly recommend Taking My Talents to New England. Enjoy responsibly.

Hops: Citra, Denali, Mosaic, Bru-1
6.9% ABV | 35 IBU


Thursday, May 17, 2018

Need Your Love

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Curtis Harding | "Need Your Love" | Face Your Fear

Harding's voice seems too effortless, yet powerful and clear. Straight forward lyrics pierce with arrow-like precision. The band is tight, dig'n the bass yo. Check out Curtis Harding on tour or dive deeper into his studio catalog. 


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Brew Detective: Hen House | Blanc Helicopters

Hen House ~ IPA
Subtle juice aromas hit initially, and the slightest hint of funk, piquing curiosity. Heavy in color, a dialogue ensues, malty-oranges and hazy straw-yellows interact. It churns into the glass.

The first taste entertains a soft bitterness, which I preferred. The over all presentation is unique, yet not overwhelming. Helicopters highlights the Hallertau Blanc hops. A pleasing mixture of stone fruit and hop-induced lusciousness quarrel for attention—neither too sweet, nor too bitter. The hop prevails, yum. Blanc Helicopters is super drinkable. Dare I say, this is my favorite IPA from Hen House...

Be on the lookout for Blanc Helicopters (7%).

Enjoy Responsibly,


Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Astral Plane

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Valerie June | "Astral Plane" | The Order of Time

Is there a light?
You have inside you
Can't touch

A looking glass 
Can only show you
So much

Follow the signs
Slowly but steady
Don't rush

The day will come
When you are ready
Just trust

Is there a way?
For you to shine
Without fear

From other worlds 
But you can't say
What keeps you here

Is there a way?
For you to give it
Your all

Dreaming a dream
Of sweeter things great 
Or Small

Dancing on the astral plane 
Holy water, cleansing rain
Floating through the stratosphere
Blind, but yet you see so clear

There is a light
You have inside you
Can touch

Valerie's words are hymnal-like. Her poetic positivity makes me feel more than expected. "Astral Plane" registers with me. I would like to thank her for making me feel, and for telling me that I have a light. Thank you Valerie June. Here's to dancing on the Astral Plane and striving to shine our light.