Saturday, February 27, 2010

local flavor

this sf based band treated those in attendance at the hopmonk on friday to a whale of a show. not only did they play their own material with style & professionalism, they also threw down on some great covers. the "hot 'lanta", originally by the alllman brothers, was steamy. the drummer was spot on during his solo. and "don't do it", branded by The Band, sounded flawless. they did such a good job of playing with soul & skill. check them out, they're on tour.


local flavor

the iditarod...
this great emerging northern californian band shreds! they are full of energy and inventive in both their playing & humor. the iditarod is good at not giving you the expected. they have a great sound, check them out if you kick it north of the golden gate. think "post rock dance music" with a drummer on the kit going all animal!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

birds of a feather...

this was the 1st night of my patience being tested. i appreciate when technology is nonexistent. i'm trying to do a better job of appreciating my immediate surroundings. remember to be mindful, stillness & excitement can probably co-exist. birds of a feather flock together now and forever. eightychoices.

rivers & tides

i revisited this segment of the film not too long ago. i found it to be both calming & inspiring.


this is a new endeavor for me. i struggle with patience, so we'll see how this goes? eightychoices will try to offer some alternatives to the stale & homogenized choices that exist. i hope to add to your day & mine. choices always exist, here there will always be a choice driven by the creative, inspiring & surprising. a chance at something different is worth a risk.
be well.