Friday, July 24, 2020

Born at the Beach

Pelican Brewing was born at the beach. Tasty beer and outlandish scenery await those fortunate enough to frequent Pacific City. A sandy beach, Cape Kiwanda, tame sets of waves, coastal breeze and warm sun, all triggering the senses as the day drifts away. A different level of ease washes over me at the ocean. It's the type of setting that allows my mind freedom, somehow affording me the chance to not be consumed by all that is going on. I actually decompress and feel unencumbered by thoughts.

On a recent voyage to the ocean, celebrating another trip around the sun, I remembered why I love the Pacific coast so much. It changes me, influencing me in ways I wish were more the norm. Pelican was merely a variable in the equation for what it was I was trying to obtain; relaxation and the ability to calm my mind. The unquestionable supremacy of nature is wonderful and constant, reminding us we're part of something bigger.

A huge thanks to the person who loves me the most. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am. Hello four oh — Yikes! Any reason to be at the beach is a good one. After enjoying the Pacific it was time to knock back some cold-ones. My first pint was the summery and crushable Updrift IPA. Illuminated by the sun, the hay-yellow body held brilliant color. A noticeable yet light head covering the top was aided by carbonation that had been dialed-in just right. Updrift IPA is a worthy summer beer.

Pelicano Extra Lager is a Mexican-style cerveza with eye-catching clarity. This ale is a summer's best contender. Bubbles stream continuously as wafts of Germanic lager mix with aromas often associated with Mexican lagers. Great beers are the ones you never tire of, those that you can have more than one of. Pelicano hits that sweet spot.

Next up was Our Dankest Hour IPA, which was being brewed again now that patrons could enjoy it. Originally brewed in March, this IPA is not playing around. Dank is in the name, but resinous is its game. The bold amber glow doesn't hide the punch this beer packs. Malt be damned, too many of these and your afternoon or early evening is askew. Strong color and a lingering head cannot mask the bold aromas and flavor. Think of Our Dankest Hour as a big fish story, fun to tell, just not all the time. Enjoy craft beer responsibly with fish and chips. 


Saturday, July 18, 2020

Ache of Victory

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Zsela | Ache of Victory EP | "Drinking" |


Monday, July 13, 2020

Brew Detective: Returning to the Fold | Ex Novo

Ex Novo is a ritual at this point, they're my go-to, thanks Ex Novo. On my last visit to Flint Street they rewarded me with a newly canned single hop hazy IPA, sorry that was a mouthful. Anyhow, this hazy was good, better than most of the hazy's out there. I prefer west coast-style IPA's, but this offering was a nice surprise. Nelson hops run alone in Returning to the Fold.

Muted guava moves across the nose as quality carbonation feeds the doughy head, lasting longer than is typical. The mouthfeel was earthy yet light enough to gulp. Dank golden hues illuminated the glass. Aromas opened into notes of early orchard blooms. Returning to the Fold (7.2%) is a single hop IPA originally canned on 06.16.20, I enjoyed mine a few days later. Drink craft beer respectfully.


Saturday, July 11, 2020

Simon Says

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Carly Simon | "You're So Vain" | No Secrets |


Monday, July 6, 2020

Brew Detective: ALL TOGETHER | Ex Novo

I find great solace in the care, craft and kindness exhibited by the good people at Ex Novo, who routinely achieve no matter the obstacle. I will remain loyal to them for as long as we can coexist. The worst year ever is causing now, more than ever, to be a crucial time to support local businesses. I reward myself with tasty libations. That's where Ex Novo comes in.

ALL TOGETHER is an IPA reg'n at 6.5% — the best thing about buying ALL TOGETHER is that the money from sales goes to staff. Awesome. Because the people at Ex Novo are good people. I'm so thankful to share a neighborhood with them. 

A mix of bitterness and pineapple juice swirled as I popped open a pint. Substantial head forms over the opaque juice-like ale, there's an almost green tint to the glow. The mouth feel was much lighter than expected, it assuaged some of the bitterness which resurfaces late in tasting. Fruit characteristics that were present early faded once poured. Visible carbonation helps to move the nectar. Support local brewers if you're able to. Enjoy craft beer respectfully.


Friday, July 3, 2020

Stir It Up


Bob Marley and The Wailers | "Stir It Up" | Catch A Fire |

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