Monday, July 6, 2020

Brew Detective: ALL TOGETHER | Ex Novo

I find great solace in the care, craft and kindness exhibited by the good people at Ex Novo, who routinely achieve no matter the obstacle. I will remain loyal to them for as long as we can coexist. The worst year ever is causing now, more than ever, to be a crucial time to support local businesses. I reward myself with tasty libations. That's where Ex Novo comes in.

ALL TOGETHER is an IPA reg'n at 6.5% — the best thing about buying ALL TOGETHER is that the money from sales goes to staff. Awesome. Because the people at Ex Novo are good people. I'm so thankful to share a neighborhood with them. 

A mix of bitterness and pineapple juice swirled as I popped open a pint. Substantial head forms over the opaque juice-like ale, there's an almost green tint to the glow. The mouth feel was much lighter than expected, it assuaged some of the bitterness which resurfaces late in tasting. Fruit characteristics that were present early faded once poured. Visible carbonation helps to move the nectar. Support local brewers if you're able to. Enjoy craft beer respectfully.


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