Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mighty Fine Birthday

Happy Birthday Mighty!
The valley spirit is not dead:
They say it is the mystic female.
Her gateway is, they further say,
The base of earth and heaven.

Constantly, and so forever,
Use her without labor.
 - the way of life, poem 6 

Happy birthday sticky tomatillo! Thanks for all that you do. I love you. Your husband, J.                                                                

Monday, January 27, 2014

some Grammy's know Best

Daft Punk Get's Lucky with Random Access Memories.
For one, I didn't tune in, or watch the marathon telecast. What I did do, is check out some videos of the performances. The performances I felt most worthy of the new-world-order type impact this broadcasting carries with it, were all collaborations, there was Kendrick Lamar, he was live, with Imagine Dragons (they were eh), Daft Punk with Pharrel Williams, Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder. At the end of the ceremony, a collection of talent that included Trent Reznor, Queens of the Stone Age, Dave Grohl and Lindsey Buckingham on guitar, rocked out. Whew.

1. Real rock n roll took the stage at the end of the night. Nothing like leaving the best for last. Trent was joined by Lindsey Buckingham, of Fleetwood Mac, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme.
(The grammy's F'd this one up. Finally an HD video.)

2. A more than cleverly inventive mash-up, as only Daft can do, featuring Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder no less. Despite a few little hiccups, it's super cool these visionaries came together.

3.  Kendrick Lamar goes off, never mind Imagine Dragons. Kendrick's deviation from M.A.A.D. City,  post the radioactive BS, is straight legit. This could, and probably should be #1.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sound Tribe minus Murph?

Sound Tribe Sector 9 recently let fans know that Bassist David Murphy was moving on from the band.  What's next for the foursome that remains? It's a bummer to say the least. I was looking forward to their stops on the west coast this winter, damn man. Below is the posted announcement from their website.

an update from STS9
"In life, the only constant is change. We try to embrace this in our music and in our lives and it's in this spirit that we announce STS9 and bassist David Murphy are parting ways. We are postponing our upcoming winter tour dates through February. We'll miss David and wish him the best on his journey ahead. To our fans, we can't thank you enough for your understanding and continuous support. We are thrilled for the future of STS9 and can't wait to share it with you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!"
-Hunter, Jeffree, Phipps & Zach
I received my tickets the day of this crummy news. All I can hope, is that the next chapter for Sound Tribe, the newest chapter, will be fresh and new. Who knows? Progress is a process. eightychoices.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter X is coming!

Filming for Real Snow, Winter X Games
Only the first to do so are remembered. David Wise and the other insanely gifted athletes of the super-pipe are stoked to drop jaws. From January 23-26, Aspen will play host to those that go big. I know that the Olympics are soon to follow, but damn if the X Games don't get the first word. After the super-pipe, real snow is one of my favorite events. Athletes get to film themselves on their home terrain doing what they do best on the daily. Peep their amazing videos here. Big ups to the extraordinary athletes who truly push the envelope. Those of us on the left coast are dying for snow. To the shredders who actually have powder, thanks for inspiring. If the snow doesn't fly, you should. In the meantime, check out Deja Vu to get your wintry fix.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Render me Helpless

Neil Young is making a legitimate effort to honor the treaties. In doing so, he's raising awareness of our world's CO2 levels, as if being a once in a lifetime singer/songwriter wasn't enough. He recently wrapped up a stand at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Many of the set lists have had a familiar look. On one special night in Manhattan he dug into his lyrical cannon with a beautifully stripped-down version of "Helpless." This otherworldly track was originally recorded by Crazy Horse and appeared on the CSNY album, Deja Vu. For those of us who hanker to see one of his solo acoustic shows, we had better get north of the border. His tour has left New York for the confines of Canada's Provinces. Neil will be making stops at the legendary Massey Hall in Toronto before embarking onward to Winnipeg, Regina and Calgary. Other highlights from this particular concert were "Birds" and "Journey into the Past," which he performed on piano. For the setlist click here.