Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully everyone enjoys their company while chowing down like a food bag is strapped to your face—god I love Turkey Day. Blessed be the green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy. Seconds have to happen or you'll never get thirds. Have fun and take care. Also, don't forget your comfy pants.

The video below is of The Last Waltz, the final performance of The Band. This footage comes courtesy of The Music Vault and was shot by Bill Graham's crew. Thanksgiving, 1976 style.

The Band | The Last Waltz | 11.25.76 | Winterland | SF


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Unquestionable Supremacy

The city of angels and the east bay each host STS9 before they head down to the Dominican. This Friday, November 21st, Sector plays The Wiltern in LA. On Saturday the 22nd Tribe sets up shop at the Fox Theater in Oakland. Coming off of their first full tour with Alana, it feels as though these shows are primed to get dirty. I'm willing to bet that they drop the hammer on each of these California scenes. Dance moves, stunning visuals and thump-tastic grooves are just a few of the sure fire things to expect from this creative outfit. Be there or be square.  

STS9 | Wika Chikana | Red Rocks 09.06.14


Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Opening Act

Sturgill Simpson will be at The Fillmore for three days opening up for the Drive By Truckers. This is quite the co-bill. Beginning on Thursday and running through Saturday, Sturgill will give the SF faithful something it lacks—real country music. His voice is classic and his songs are honest takes on the contemporary trials and tribulations that we all face. If you haven't seen him I encourage you to catch one of these shows. If you haven't heard him, cop his record immediately—Metamodern Sounds in Country Music. Not only is he one hell of a songwriter, he seems to be a philosopher too. See him at The Fillmore November 20th-22nd.

Sturgill Simpson | 'Turtles All the Way Down'


Monday, November 17, 2014

TV on the Radio harvests Seeds

Seeds | TV on the Radio | Nov.18th
Brooklyn has undergone a transformation, an influx of money tends to have that effect, and yet, Brooklyn still embodies cool. The same could be said of TV on the Radio. They release Seeds their fifth album November 18th. The band and the borough have experienced comparable growth. Money's been made and spent. Some art cannot easily escape consumption. TV on the Radio has been devoured ever since the Return to Cookie Mountain. Blame them you should not. 

Unfortunately there has been sadness too. Longtime bassist Gerard Smith passed away shortly after the release of Nine Types of Light

TVOTR has also signed with Harvest Records (leaving Interscope). They've managed to wade through expectations, maturing into what they want to be, rather than what everyone else thought they would become. An early gem on this record is, 'Careful You,' which cleverly blends dub-like bass with songwriting. TV chose to jump start the song 'Ride' with soft strings, a piano, and some vibes. After allowing it to warm up they shift into tones we're more accustomed to. The pesky pace and political lyricism of 'Right Now' is reminiscent of their earlier stuff. Reverb hits early and often on the track 'Winter,' reminding us of their rock n roll chops. Seeds deserves more time, it feels good because it harbors their unique sound—they too have their tendencies. For more than a decade I've been a fan, I see no reason why to ignore them now. Besides, they keep me curious. It's worth the unknown to see what these Seeds will spawn. On iTunes and in stores Nov. 18th. Enjoy.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Jenny Lewis Shakes Down

Jenny Lewis and her bandmates have brought the Dead into their set. Last weekend, beginning in Massachusetts, Lewis busted out a "Shakedown Street." The four-piece band that backs her plays a very clean and technically sound version of the classic track. It seems to have found a home within their setlist, they performed it at their next two shows as well.  

It's worth mentioning that she and Ryan Adams have a show together next month in San Francisco at The Masonic (Dec.14th). It seems like the perfect storm for another "Shakedown"—the Bay is the home of the Grateful Dead and Ryan Adams is a Dead Head. Jenny also has a gig in Petaluma on December 12th at the Phoenix Theater. See you at the show.

Jenny Lewis | "Shakedown Street" | Live in Massachusetts


Thursday, November 13, 2014

College Hoops

Williams Arena | Minneapolis, MN | circa 1951
The 2014-15 college hoops season kicks off tomorrow with over 150 games. Nearly all of the top-ranked teams (23 of 25) tip-off. One match-up is actually between two teams from major conferences. The eighth ranked Louisville Cardinals and the Minnesota Golden Gophers travel to the Caribbean. Too bad it's not being played at Williams Arena. Long live the raised floor, an influential presence. This is a B1G night for the coaches as well, father versus son, Rick versus Richard. Pitino night in Puerto Rico. 

Anyhow, this year seems to favor those institutions with an emphasis on team. There are many who are capable of making a run to the Final 4. Squads like Virginia and Wisconsin will rely on savvy upperclassmen and a sound system. Duke, Wichita State, VCU, Louisville, Villanova and Arizona appear primed to go deep into March, especially the two Wildcats (Nova & Zona). Add another Wildcat to the top of the list. Kentucky appears to have a team that could challenge the right NBA team, sorry Sixers and Lakers. Enjoy the Madness.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

San Francisco Opera

Le Bohème | SF Opera | Nov. 14 - Dec. 7th
This holiday season shines a warm spotlight over the talents of the San Francisco Opera, deservedly so. Two beautiful productions are currently running, Cinderella and La Bohème, the latter is also brought to the stage in a family-friendly format on select Saturdays. Each story is told through the music of Giacomo Puccini

What if you were so poor you couldn't pay your rent...And so in love you couldn't care less? The artistic and passionate struggles of 19th century Paris is the canvas of perhaps the world's favorite opera, Le Bohème. There are only 13 performances. (Nov.14-Dec.7th) 

Cinderella's mesmerizing tale comes to life inside San Francisco's War Memorial Opera House. Culturally a part of us, everyone can paint their own picture of this fairytale. (Ends Nov.26th) 


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Nature's Amazing

Chaotic beauty, imperfect perfection, the breathing, evolving vehicle that is Earth allows life to be possible. Thanks for always showing us the way, even if we're not paying attention. We are dependent on a healthy Terra, she has no need for us. Regardless of humanity, this planet would be supremely artistic and dazzlingly magnificent. The videos below showcase this ever-changing magic. Thanks to @mollyproctor and Madison Kotack of the Sierra Club. Enjoy.

Slow Life | by: Daniel Stoupin

Adrift | by: Simon Christen


Thursday, November 6, 2014

30 Days of Dead

30 Days of Dead | 2014 | 
November makes room for 30 Days of Dead—an offering of classic Grateful Dead tunes. These choice selections are made by David Lemieux, Legacy Manager of The Grateful Dead. Those curated picks are then put on for all of us to consume freely. Each unreleased track is straight out of the Grateful Dead vault. Your Deadhead knowledge can also be put to the test. Every daily download offers you the chance to name the venue, as well as the date, for an opportunity to win some Dead swag. Enjoy this gift that keeps on giving.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014


Lotus | The Gilded Age Tour | 2015
One of my favorite live bands will be making an appearance in San Francisco this winter. Beginning in January and ending in early March, Lotus embarks on an expansive tour that has them all of the country. Thankfully they make some California stops along the way. Between February 18th and the 20th, they will take their Gilded Age Tour to Solano Beach, then LA, and onto the Regency Ballroom in SF. The best part, tickets are only $19.50, if purchased before November 13th.

Their latest studio effort, Gilded Age, draws inspiration from none other than Mark Twain. "The Gilded Age" was describing the Reconstruction Era's thin veneer that masked substantial social struggle—sound familiar? Lotus encourages us to look beyond the erosion in order to see a palace of possibilities.

If you're looking to unwind, or you just want to get down and dirty, don't miss this show. Lotus has always been one of the few bands that never disappoints. They may not frequent the west coast as often, but that only fuels my desire to see them live. Enjoy the title track below.

Lotus | Gilded Age


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Purple Medley

Prince took over Saturday Night Live this past weekend with host Chris Rock. Instead of playing two performances, as is typically done, Prince was given roughly 8 minutes to do his thing. Initially he played keys while sharing vocals on "Clouds." Quickly the mood turned to a more rock driven sound as Prince took up his guitar. He and 3rdEyeGirl charged through "Plectrum Electrum" and "Marz." The last track, "Another Love," was a blend of R&B and rock. Enjoy.

Prince | Live | SNL Nov.1st


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Día de los Muertos

The three-day Mexican holiday known as Día de Muertos, or Allhallowtide, is upon us. Below is a recently released horror film from Arcade Fire titled, Festi. Though it is not directly intended to be an homage to the Day of the Dead per se, it does haunt with intrigue. There are numerous cameos, all of which are credited. Enjoy the mini-movie and your weekend.

 Festi Arcade Fire | directed by: "Noreen Bauble"