Thursday, November 13, 2014

College Hoops

Williams Arena | Minneapolis, MN | circa 1951
The 2014-15 college hoops season kicks off tomorrow with over 150 games. Nearly all of the top-ranked teams (23 of 25) tip-off. One match-up is actually between two teams from major conferences. The eighth ranked Louisville Cardinals and the Minnesota Golden Gophers travel to the Caribbean. Too bad it's not being played at Williams Arena. Long live the raised floor, an influential presence. This is a B1G night for the coaches as well, father versus son, Rick versus Richard. Pitino night in Puerto Rico. 

Anyhow, this year seems to favor those institutions with an emphasis on team. There are many who are capable of making a run to the Final 4. Squads like Virginia and Wisconsin will rely on savvy upperclassmen and a sound system. Duke, Wichita State, VCU, Louisville, Villanova and Arizona appear primed to go deep into March, especially the two Wildcats (Nova & Zona). Add another Wildcat to the top of the list. Kentucky appears to have a team that could challenge the right NBA team, sorry Sixers and Lakers. Enjoy the Madness.


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