Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Whiskers & Whiskey

Happy Halloween Hopmonk Sebastopol
Happy Halloween to all of you who partake in the hallowed eve of debauchery. Ghosts and ghouls in the west county of Sonoma have the option to get rowdy at the local water'n hole this Halloween. Hopmonk is hosting a spirited adult evening dubbed, Whiskers & Whiskey. Sounds good. Mustache's will be in full effect, I've been cultivating the caterpillar on my upper lip for a few weeks now.

In the abbey Phutureprimitive and El Radio Fantastique will be performing, along with others. There will also be a garden stage with live music and DJ's. Cheers to the local scene.

Here's to a fantastic Halloween, no matter how old you are. To all those driving, be on the look out for the trick or treaters and the late night staggerers. Have fun and be safe. Enjoy!


Monday, October 28, 2013

Just Do It

The NBA is less than 24 hours away, I'm stoked for tomorrow. Until then, Nike & LeBron.

This Commercial is golden. What a great idea. Only in the NBA!


Saturday, October 19, 2013


A gallery on Fillmore is a fine way to wonder your day away. Upper Playground's, Fifty24 is a progressive hub of modern, and more often than not, urbane art that is reflective of this Street's changing ways, as well as, the City's continual transformations. Whoever they are, they were quick to highlight the latest David Choe collection, Snowman Monkey BBQ. His "dirty style" is an uncompromising contemporary culmination of the gritty & frenzied existence of what is around us today, I like it. Graffiti artist or not, he has become a showcased figure within this world. He's also the creator of the vinyl figure line Munko, a blind box favorite of the watertrough project. Peep the playground, hit up their gallery and enjoy some urban-centric art.

Peace, eightychoices.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Trick N(BA) Treat

In two weeks, the soap opera for men, aka the Association, aka the NBA, will open the season with a triple-header for us to feast upon. The first of three games pits the Conference Finals tested Pacers against the youthful Magic. I'm interested to see how Oladipo and Vucevic mesh, they're the future for Orlando. Indiana will assuredly be there when in counts during the Eastern Conference Playoffs. Next up we'll be treated to a potential opening night classic. The two-time defending champion Heat will clash with the always formidable & tough minded Bulls. This game is sure to make the talking heads chirp. It will/should be great to see D. Rose back in action. He might be the only anti-serum to LeBron's comic book like stranglehold on the hardware. The final game of the night is the battle for Los Angeles, Go Clip Show. With a bevy of new faces in new places, this season should be scary exciting. There are the contenders (SA, Memphis, LAC, OKC, Indiana, Chicago and perhaps, dare I say, Golden State), those that loaded up (Brooklyn), or reloaded (Detroit), others that made minor tweaks (Memphis, OKC), certain teams dealing with injuries (Boston, OKC, LAL, Denver), some teams hopefully healthy (Minnesota & Chicago), those that are playing for next year's draft (Philadelphia & Phoenix), and then there's the champions, this season's filled with delicious intrigue. Here's a little sample of what's in store.

NBA opening night, October 29th, enjoy.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Shovels & Rope 1 week later

Hardly Strictly has come & gone, I'm thankful that we attended only one day. With that being said, our team of willing soldiers rallied for a sunday marathon at the Arrow Stage. Shovels & Rope stole the show. Here's a taste of what they gave us... to sample more of the weekend click here.