Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Dynamic Duo | Ex Novo

Ex Novo is adapting during these crazy times. I'm thankful to neighbor such a business, keep on keep'n on. Independent businesses make Portland cool and I'm pulling for you. We support our local brewers, comic shop, and of course grocer, as much as is reasonable. We recently walked home with Ex Novo's  Perle Haggard Pils and Dynamic Duo, an imperial IPA (7.6%).

First of all the artwork is awesome. Freshness pops as you crack open a pint. Warm weather fruit pushes through to create aromas of nectarine and mango, carbonation races upward. The clarity is next level, showing off its soft golden hues. I like the interaction between smell and taste; contrasting traits work to enhance the senses. Bitterness is noticeable but well rounded, reminiscent of Pliny.

If you live in Portland and are interested in supporting Ex Novo, they're open for business and also deliver! It doesn't get much better than that considering what we're all going through. Enjoy craft beer responsibly.

Be safe,

Monday, April 27, 2020

Loud Is Not Enough

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Enemy Radio | Loud Is Not Enough | "Lock Your Wheels" |


Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Ode To George Carlin | National Poetry Month

Ode to George Carlin |

Value's been destabilized.
Value's become Orwellian.

Who's getting good value?
Wealthy elites lacking elite qualities, wall street hacks, new tech industries, old dirty energy, outdated mass-passenger transportation, unneeded military-industrial complexes and DC politicians, that's who. Silver spoons getting repeatedly bailed out by tax money for financial failures and environmental atrocities is also good value.

This capitalism is false, a false god.
More, more, more, growth, growth, growth...
survival of the richest.
So rich. Too rich to fail.
Rich inheritance, but no inherent risk.

Money is not math.
Money is generated, printed and unequally distributed. 
Money hoards and monopolizes.
Math is proven.
Math has truth.
Values are being pummeled by profit.
Real hustle is losing to getting hustled.

What do you value?
Do you care?
Care? Who cares?
Do you do good work?
Is there give and take?
Or do you only take?

Value's not Salary.
Salary's just a figure.
A byproduct.
A finished product.
Clock in. Clocked out.
Out of time.
Collecting a paycheck —

Where's the value in that?

- J.J.H.

Monday, April 20, 2020

John Prine | Sweet Revenge

Rest In Peace |

John Prine | Sweet Revenge | "Sweet Revenge" |

I got kicked off Noah's Ark
I turned my cheek to unkind remarks
There was two of everything but one of me
And when the rains came tumbling down
I held my breath and I stood my ground
And I watched that ship go sailing out to sea

Take it back, take it back, oh no, you can't say that

- John Prine


Saturday, April 18, 2020

Stay With Me

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Margaret Glaspy | Devotion | "Stay With Me" |


Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Confluence Lite IPA | Baerlic & Fort George

To celebrate the anniversaries of Bridge & Tunnel and Bridgetown Beerhouse, two area taprooms/bottle shops, Baerlic Brewing and Fort George collaborated to create Confluence Lite IPA. Brewed with Comet, El Dorado and Sultana hops this unique offering registers in at 4.6%. Portland and Astoria are sharing the the love with this beer.

Soft fruity notes liven your nose before a hoppy bitterness is revealed. These subtleties make it very drinkable, hence the Lite. Slight murkiness dances in an otherwise transparent body as bubbly action triggers a noticeable effervescence. If able to, try and support local breweries during this challenging time. If you live in the PNW, might I recommend Confluence Lite IPA. Enjoy craft beer responsibly.

Be well, 

Monday, April 13, 2020

Bill Withers | Use Me

Rest In Peace |

Bill Withers | Still Bill | "Use Me" |


Saturday, April 11, 2020

Food As A Machine Gun

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Enemy Radio | Loud Is Not Enough | "Food As A Machine Gun" |


Thursday, April 9, 2020

John Prine | Spanish Pipedream

Rest In Peace |

John Prine | Self Titled | "Spanish Pipedream" |

Blow up your TV
Throw away your paper
Go to the country
Build you a home
Plant a little garden
Eat a lot of peaches
Try an find Jesus
On your own

- John Prine


Tuesday, April 7, 2020

PRECIOUS METTLE | National Poetry Month

Precious Mettle

That silver piece,

polished sun,
gleaming and pretty.
A gray light.

Dandelion linen.
Blue roses
red, black and blue.

Pink white mountain
distant and glowing.
The moon never larger.

and barley hanging on.
remember this number.

St. John 
gone for the weekend.

Great blue herons,
wood ducks, egrets,
a brown heron atop the docks.
The hawk puffing its chest;
my admiration.

Warm afternoon sun
and the wind quick.
Long Beach
Giant kites
Another life

precious and noble.
Blue moon eyes.

A river town (near the mouth)
blue and gray.

- J.J.H.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

HARP | National Poetry Month


Curious youth, delicate, soft, nonviolent.

Setting up, caring for, and placing books -- rearranging.

Lanky and longhaired. Polite. Thoughtful. Curious.

Old Adidas sneakers, laces tied tightly.
Van Halen hoody, skinny jeans.
Placing items; books, dice... arranging.

Youth and curiosity.
A digital Timex watch. Silver.

My first time here. I'll be back.

He, "found the crown."
The reply, "not kids books."

- J.J.H.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

La Perdida (The Loss)

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Rubio | La Perdida | "Nudo" |