Monday, November 17, 2014

TV on the Radio harvests Seeds

Seeds | TV on the Radio | Nov.18th
Brooklyn has undergone a transformation, an influx of money tends to have that effect, and yet, Brooklyn still embodies cool. The same could be said of TV on the Radio. They release Seeds their fifth album November 18th. The band and the borough have experienced comparable growth. Money's been made and spent. Some art cannot easily escape consumption. TV on the Radio has been devoured ever since the Return to Cookie Mountain. Blame them you should not. 

Unfortunately there has been sadness too. Longtime bassist Gerard Smith passed away shortly after the release of Nine Types of Light

TVOTR has also signed with Harvest Records (leaving Interscope). They've managed to wade through expectations, maturing into what they want to be, rather than what everyone else thought they would become. An early gem on this record is, 'Careful You,' which cleverly blends dub-like bass with songwriting. TV chose to jump start the song 'Ride' with soft strings, a piano, and some vibes. After allowing it to warm up they shift into tones we're more accustomed to. The pesky pace and political lyricism of 'Right Now' is reminiscent of their earlier stuff. Reverb hits early and often on the track 'Winter,' reminding us of their rock n roll chops. Seeds deserves more time, it feels good because it harbors their unique sound—they too have their tendencies. For more than a decade I've been a fan, I see no reason why to ignore them now. Besides, they keep me curious. It's worth the unknown to see what these Seeds will spawn. On iTunes and in stores Nov. 18th. Enjoy.


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