Monday, March 9, 2020

Pliny the Younger | 2020 | Apex

February 15th ...
My second straight year sipping Pliny the Younger in Portland was much like the first; no lines, bring your own food, just an average Saturday at Apex. Sounds nice doesn't it? Because it was. We munched sandos while leisurely enjoying the elusive Younger — later migrating to Blind Pig.

Younger 2020 produced subtle aromas and a bit more fruit in the initial taste. It was by no means too fruity. Added bitterness won out as tasting continued. This Younger really announced its freshness. A thin yet substantial foam lifted to a head in this super clean IPA.

Deli Sandwiches, kettle chips, dill pickle spears, Blind Pig and Pliny the Younger makes for a good Saturday luncheon. We enjoyed our local, hassle-free pilgrimage for Younger. Hopefully you did too.


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