Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Maiden West IPA | Little Beast Brewing

Little Beast Brewing creatively crafts beer — fruited sours, barrel aged ales, and west coast IPA's are some of the elixirs you can expect. Certain offerings are available in single bottles, while select others can be found in four packs. I recommend hanging out in their (hopefully sun-soaked) yard on SE Division with a fresh pint.

The delicious Maiden West is beautifully done in the spirit of west coast IPA's. Early aromas lean toward white peach and yellow nectarine. Carbonation moves about with glowing clarity. Those notes of stone fruit fade into pleasant bitterness. Contrast in smell and taste can really add to the complexity of an IPA. Maiden West accomplishes this in both a surprising and respectful way; nothing seems out of the ordinary, ingredients and methodology work in tandem to achieve such distinct aromas, flavor and nuance. Little Beast crafts with care in order to create quality beer. Enjoy responsibly.


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