Thursday, March 28, 2019

Brew Detective: Fields of Green

Here I go again, jotting down tasting notes about another Fort George beer. Fields of Green, an unfiltered IPA warns you, "expect sediment." A noble heads up that also reveals some of its nuance. The fact that it's thick and juicy does not impact the carbonation, a fantastic achievement from this taster's perspective. Perhaps this is a progressive step that will push the hazy trend forward.

A great layer of foam settles atop the fruit forward aromas. Unexpectedly, the juicy profiles unfold into a healthy dose of bitterness on the back end. Fields of Green has layers that play out nicely and unexpectedly. It's 7.6%, but I feel as though it still pairs well with gluttonous foods (think burgers, mac and cheese, or fried smashed potatoes with hot sauce). It'll be hard to find outside of the Pacific NW, but worth your money if found. Cheers to more daylight and sunshine. 

Enjoy responsibly,



  1. lets crush a couple of these and talk some shit? love your face

    1. @shredderiferous Yo, I love your mug too. Miss ya bro. Hopefully you're hitting .400 and doing your best Shred Williams. We will crush these, when I'm not sure? But I'll bring 'em. Much Love to you and the mini-Trons!
      Shred Danson

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