Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Brew Detective: Apex Beer Bar

Portland has an abundance of great breweries, they also have some amazing beer bars. Apex is a must-go for anyone touring the beer scene in PDX. They have a live tap of about 50 beers. They also have a library of aged and hard to find bottles. It's a mecca for beer geeks. I was really impressed by their selection, as well as the friendly vibe. Agent M and I split three beers, two were NW natives, the third was Sierra Nevada's Celebration Ale. For the purpose of this review, I'll be breaking down the NW selections.

Stable Genius | Hazy IPA | 6%
Level Brewing crafted this hazy IPA right here in Portland. This was our first time sipping on an offering from Level. My notes were as follows: hazy straw-yellow, dappled with dashes of orange; lingering foamy head with a dank nose, herbaceous mouth feel and desirable amounts of bitterness. Agent M's notes: mild and creamy, hoppy taste late, yum.

Bits & Bobs | West Coast IPA | 7%
This west coast IPA was brewed by Reuben's out of Washington. I've had one of their other beers, but never Bits & Bobs. Our takes on this IPA: almost pilsner-like in color with great clarity, plus carbonation, a floral nose, crisp with surprising bitterness. Agent M: balanced, drinkable, a perfect IPA.

I'll leave you with that, a perfect IPA.


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