Saturday, February 9, 2019

Brew Detective: EOD IIPA | Ordnance Brewing

Ordnance Brewing was established in 2014 by a multi-generational family of hop growers. The beer I first got my hands on was, EOD, their double IPA. Their K├Âlsch is also pretty tasty. Anyhow, back to the IIPA and its floral nose. Once the bouquet was poured you can't help but notice the clarity and color, an amber tinged with orange. Not all double IPA's look the same, but this was a much darker hue than I expected. Brewed with Mt. Hood and Columbus hops this double does not disappoint in drink-ability. The bitterness was subtle and its foamy top endures. If you happen to see this brew in your beer aisle, grab a six pack. Cheers.

EOD IIPA | 7.8% | 80 IBU

Enjoy responsibly,


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