Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Brew Detective: Cosmic Collaboration | Ecliptic & Brooklyn

East meets west in the form of a farmhouse ale that is as robust in flavor, as it is unique. This cosmic collaboration is the first of five between Ecliptic and some of their favorite breweries. Up first, a Tangerine Farmhouse Ale brewed with Brooklyn Brewery. All of these special releases will be available on draft, a select amount of 500mL bottles will be somewhere. 

We hit the home office of Ecliptic, our second time in, spurred by this collaboration. We both noticed it's thick haze and dense color. Upon tasting we both said, "hmm, I've never had anything like this." My partner in crime made a great point, "this would be great in the summer." The thirst quenching abilities provided by farm ales during the growing and harvesting seasons are one part of their legacy.

This farmhouse was poured into a pint glass, showing off its colorful haze. Tartness hits up front and the body of this beer feels farmhouse-like, other characteristics feel like an IPA. There's a sort of hoppy backbone, it's been Americanized. The tasting peculiarities are one of kind, as this plays a balancing act. The aforementioned tartness is extinguished by a bitter follow through. Lingering on are the farm-like notes of agricultural grains and a kiss of sour. This is a really complex and amazing beer. If you find yourself within reach of it, I recommend grabbing a pint. Drink responsibly.

Tangerine Farmhouse | 8% | 20 IBU



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