Thursday, August 2, 2018

Yolanda | What Vision

Yolanda | "Following Me" | What Vision

Local independent music is always a worthy endeavor, it becomes part of your life when the music is good to great. Yolanda is an up and coming band that is the brainchild of a creative talent now living in Petaluma after some years in LA. Yolanda's initial offering is a five song EP that draws from the past and the future, creating a sonic collage of energy.

What Vision oozes with thoughtfulness. "No Great Shakes" emits a feeling of Petaluma-like fog. "Goldtimes" beams like sunshine, feeling more like southern California. I especially dig the vocals on this track, aided by creative drumming and coaxed along by subtle guitar work. The final offering on Side 1 is "Drivver_New Waltz." New Waltz is frantic, resembling a sprint, somehow blending 80's UK synth-pop to the fuzziness of surf-psyche. I'm all in on New Waltz.

Side 2 begins with the rocking and rhythmic "Following Me." This number stands out by adding another layer of diversity amidst the density of this EP. The closing "Fetch" embodies a sense of calm, tethered to sound bites and backing vocals, pulling me into Yolanda's sound-scape. It feels new without losing site of the walls of sound that have come before it. I like it a lot. 

Look for Yolanda online via streaming outlets. If you're in the market for some new wax, check out and perhaps you'll score some vinyl. Thanks Yolanda, I look forward to your future output. What Vision is available now.

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