Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Brew Detective: Time Is Flat Circle | Hen House

Guess who's back on the case? Those weathered and dedicated detectives from Brew Detective, I mean, True Detective. Joking and namesakes aside, Hen House has crafted another unique and tasty IPA, Time Is A Flat Circle. The name is pretty cool, uncanny if you will. 

Nosing around you'll unearth fruity-melon and muted peppercorn scents. Glowing and dense this beer means business. The mouth feel is a definite plus. Bitterness lingers though the finish as it softens. Muddled together but not lost, early flavors coalesce. I noticed a grainy earthiness, which put the focus squarely onto the hoppy bitterness. Time Is A Flat Circle adds nice diversity to the Hen House lineup, it's different and I like it. 

Time Is A Flat Circle | 6.8%
Hops: Huell Melon & Mosaic


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