Sunday, August 26, 2018

Grateful Dead | Crimson, White & Indigo

The year, 1989. The Place, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia. This would be the last concert held there, days later it would be demolished. And let me just say, The Dead demolished the audience with an all-time throw down.

Officially released in 2010 on Grateful Dead Records, Crimson, White & Inidigo was the live title, taken from the song "Standing On The Moon." On August 1st of this year, the amazing video was again released for Jerry's Birthday. Lucky me, I was invited by a great buddy to watch it on the big screen at the Clover Theater in Cloverdale, CA.  

First set highlights included a driven "Little Red Rooster." Bob and Jerry were making their guitars sing while both playing slide. Another gem was Dylan's, "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again." But the hammer that pounded everybody was the emotional "Blow Away" that Mydland somehow unearthed to close the set. Jerry walked over to check in with him prior to his heartfelt and off the cuff rendition. Brent was on fire, taped to a keyboard were photos of his kids,  likely helping to power his performance.

Moving into the second set I distinctly remember the "Fire on the Mountain," followed by "Estimated Prophet" which blended into "Standing on the Moon." The "Rhythm Devils" break was phenomenal. Mickey was manipulating The Bar and the two percussionists made sounds that could only be described as futuristic. "Turn On Your Love Light" closed it down before the band would return for a rousing "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." 

I tend to really dig the early 70's and late 80's of The Dead's infinite cannon. This show, which I was not intimately knowledgable of, immediately rose to become one of my favorites. I avoided listening to this show on Archive once I'd been invited. I was glad to have watched the sliver screen light up with a sensational show by the Grateful Dead clicking on all cylinders. 

Crimson, White & Indigo,

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