Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Brew Detective: Animal Friends | Brut IPA

Hen House and Crooked Goat teamed up for a collaborative take on a Brut IPA. I was told that the only difference was during the dry-hopping process, which was done at each breweries' facility. The result, Animal Friends, the label is an obvious nod to Orwell's Animal House.

For the sake of this review, I will be describing the Hen House concoction. They distributed this limited release in a 4-pack of pint-sized cans, which I was lucky enough to score. Crooked Goat's take was only available in-house.

An almost opaque yellow assembled into the glass, as if a bail of hay was turned into liquid. Pineapple punched out of the can, overwhelming the front end. A decent head dissolved quickly once poured. Tasting however provided a different story. It was not as juicy or fruity as the nose suggested. Dryness prevailed early and became more noticeable on the finish. Cheers to the local craft brewers who not only produce great beer, but create an energy within our community. Animal Friends (6.3%) may have escape your enjoyment this time. But you can still check out Hen House and Crooked Goat.


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