Tuesday, October 11, 2016

PUBlication: San Diego Pale Ale .394

San Diego Pale Ale .394
October and playoff baseball go hand-in-hand. This postseason has already had it's share of awesome games. Did anyone else stay up all night to watch game 3 of the Cubs/Giants? We stayed up until midnight. Major League tension pairs perfectly with a cold beer. AleSmith crafts the SD Pale Ale .394—an homage to one of the game's best.

San Diego style is well-known. But when a San Diego brewery links up to create a delicious beer for San Diego's greatest hitter, it's legit. This pale has an IPA-like nose in the bottle. A heady foam cushions the top of this amber-tinted ale. The aroma produces more malt characteristics once poured. Reminding me a bit like Hops of Wrath in that regard. A slight sweetness compliments a bigger body, juxtaposing the transparency.

This ale embraces subtlety. Even with some strong legs, there's not much kick. There's a slipperiness to the mouth feel, I like it. Watch baseball intensely, drink responsibly.  6% | 26 IBU


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