Friday, October 7, 2016


MacRostie | Pinot-production facility
My appreciation of MacRostie Winery and Vineyards was further enhanced by a recent return visit to the beautiful estate house in the Russian River Valley. Westside Road enchanted our family as we slowly curved along wine country—dappled by early fall rain. Blurring the painted landscape were the rows and rows of grape leaves that have started to change color. This region is heralded for its micro-climates, allowing growers to produce some of the best grapes in the world. Winding along the vines is intoxicating as topography mixes with agriculture. 

The MacRostie Estate House is attractive, standing alone with its clean lines and modern warmth. Turning into the rows of fruit feels different here, intriguing and inviting at the same time. MacRostie gave the region a face lift, creating a paradigm that's different, and perhaps better, at making a first impression. Hell, they've built a new template for aesthetics in wine country. Gould Evans was the architectural firm and Wright Contracting sourced out the construction.

Before stepping inside we were offered a welcome wine, hello 2105 Clockwise Sauvignon Blanc. We were given the chance to taste in the VIP room. MacRostie is known for Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and winemaker Heidi Bridenhagen is straight crushing it, pun intended. We settled in and pursued gluttony.

Pinot Noir | MacRostie |Vertical Tasting 2011-2013 
The vertical tasting of Pinot Noir's from the Wildcat Mountain Vineyard was outstanding. Being able to distinguish the year-to-year differences of the fruit was like being told a story, weather representing chapters, the earth's mantle the canon. My favorite of the three years was 2012, now murmured as a fantastic year. I really enjoyed the floral nose and dry subtleties. The mouth feel was outstanding, so much was going on without confusing the palate. Another uncanny Pinot was grown on 5 acres in Sebastopol. The 2014 Cummings Vineyard Pinot Noir was so smooth. It embodied the characteristics one would expect, but held onto a softness that made it incredible drinkable. This is an anytime wine, especially with fall upon us. 

It's almost too good to be true when a Monday includes fine wine shared with family. County paradiso strikes again. If you only have time to visit one winery, choose MacRostie. Drink responsibly.


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