Saturday, December 19, 2015

PUBlication: The Garden

The Garden Taproom in Community Market is quite the hideout. Situated in the Barlow of Sebastopol, this beer garden has an array of quality craft beer. On my most recent visit I was inundated with a slough of good choices, both on draught and in the bottle. Below is a brief recap of the brews I was able to enjoy with a couple of tasting notes.

Rogue Brewing | Good Chit (Farmed Pilsner) | 4.6% & 45 IBUs
Rogue, like Sierra Nevada, has been farming on a scale that allows them to craft some beers sourced entirely from their own agricultural doing—pretty cool. The first thing I noticed were notes of lemon zest and natural graininess. A nice foamy head blankets the top of this easy drinker. My only criticism would be that it was a little flat. I want more effervescence from a Pilsner.

The Bruery | Mischief (hoppy Belgian/golden strong ale) | 8.4%
This concoction possesses a soft cloudiness and pretty color. The slight sour taste is sedated by hops. Banana and culinary spice is prevalent in the nose. This is the second time I've tasted from The Bruery, and thus far, I'm a bit underwhelmed considering the praise they receive. 

Plow Brewing | OX DIPA | 8%
Plow is one of the recent breweries to open its doors in Santa Rosa, they're producing some tasty IPAs and Pilsners. This particular batch of the OX was better than earlier editions in my opinion. The nose was far more floral and less malty than in the past. It settled nicely on the palate, smoother than I had remembered, more balanced.

Alpine Brewing | Pure Hoppiness | 8%
Damn Good. This DIPA exemplifies the craft of creating a hop-bomb that is potent, palatable and carbonated. It's clarity cannot go unnoticed, think Russian River or Knee Deep. Carbonation floats upward while your snout celebrates the hops at every turn. Alpine usually knocks their beer out of the park, this was no exception. Pure Hoppiness is another great reminder that California IPA's and West Coast hopping is here to stay. Cheers.


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