Thursday, December 17, 2015

Faded Gloryville

Lindi Ortega released her most recent album, Faded Gloryville, in early August. This is my first exposure to her music and her voice. Lindi and her band mates do a great job of blending outlaw country sounds with the blast of 50's rock and roll. Lyrically she embraces a wide spectrum of truths, love and self awareness. "I Ain't the Girl," harbors the same sentiment as Dylan's, "It Ain't Me Babe," with a snappier twang. Other songs feel as though they were lured from a bottle, full of honky-tonk word play; listen to "Run-down Neighborhood." They push toward the hop of original rocking and rolling on, "Run Amok"—while she sings of those sinful ways that push us to do wrong, the rhythm section plays with pace, aided by some slick guitar work. There are a handful of breaks in the action when her singing definitely embraces the slow subtleties of country western music. The lone cover on Faded and the track that hooked me initially is, "To Love Somebody." For more information on Lindi and her music click here

Lindi Ortega | "To Love Somebody" 


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