Friday, October 2, 2015

Brokedown Palace

Last night the Watkins Family Hour played an exceptional version of "Brokedown Palace." This classic tale is one of many gems amidst the crown jewel that is American Beauty. Thank you Mr. Hunter for drafting the piercing words to an all-time great story. The Family Hour's musical arrangement does "Palace" a supreme justice—harkening back to the scene at Wally's studio. That Americana feel with deeply rooted emotion will always have a place in my world, perhaps yours too. In the spirit of Bay area music, past and present, here's to a musically inspired weekend. Click on the links for live streaming of Austin City Limits and Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, both festivals begin today. Fare thee well. 

Watkins Family Hour | "Brokedown Palace"

PS. This track appears on the debut album from Watkins Family Hour. They are not at ACL or HSBF.


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