Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dream Big Live Small

Cabin Life
Bigger is not better. Recent articles by the New York Times have shone light on the inspirational power of living smaller. A concept that is by no means new is finding a rebirth of sorts for those who are willing and able to downsize and thus, eliminate distractions. Our running joke for years has been, clean living. Whether you own or are renting there are many paths to take when choosing where to live and how. These major decisions tend to dictate lifestyle. I for one truly believe that our time and daily interactions are worth far more than a paycheck. Sensations that mean something are powerful. Finding gratification in doing things you love or by spending real time with loved ones are invaluable treasures of living. "Cabins, the New American Dream," is a cleverly written piece on how some of us can live. Here's to being brave by going small.


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