Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Anderson East: Delilah

A little less than a month ago, Anderson East released Delilah, an album that possesses sonic diversity and poignant lyricism. Initially the songs start out swinging, energized with the snap of R&B. Soulful keys and backing vocals help to shape, "Devil In Me" and "All I Ever Need." These tracks feel inspired, moving from opposing corners like prize fighters dealing with cause and effect. Channeling his inner Ryan Adams on, "What a Woman Wants to Hear," Anderson embraces the buzz of being emotionally punch-drunk. This song is the hornet and the salve, it stings then soothes. He found a way to explain something we've all felt. 

'Wanna talk about tomorrow like it's a real thing. See you when it comes down next spring. Whisper nothings in your ear—I'll tell you what a woman, tell you what a woman wants to hear.' 

Bringing the record to a close is, "Lying in Her Arms," another heartrending number that is painted in truthful pain. Steeped in Nashville's alt-country, his words are fixed to the one he can never forget. You can hear the tremble in his voice. If you want to actually feel music, listen to this song.  

Anderson East | "Lying in Her Arms"

Anderson East | "What a Woman Wants to Hear"


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  1. This is an amazing review. So inspired and visual and heartfelt. Love the songs. Thanks for spreading the good word of music eightychoices!