Friday, August 28, 2015

PUBlication: Mosaic IPA

St. Archer Brewery | Mosaic IPA
St. Archer has released a limited batch of their Mosaic IPA, a testament to their capabilities and the mosaic hop varietal. This double IPA is filled with lush impressions throughout the experience—there's no denying the hop-forward intensity. It possesses an aroma that  demands snouting out the pint glass. This is one of the most palatable double IPA's of the summer. Initially it comes across as mean, but settles into a friendly beast.

How they brewed this with such clean and refreshing characteristics without sacrificing bitterness is impressive. Each taste made me want to drink more. The 'bite' is all on the tongue. The precision of the hop medley, which includes Amarillo, Simcoe and Chinook, is lavishly layered. It is the Mosaic varietal that the spotlight shines brightest upon. Its sticky fruit and citrus notes are the most rousing. The copper clarity invites you in, as the light pillow of carbonated foam further encourages. Having a flavor profile that is both punchy and refined makes it even more alluring. How is it capable of being so deliberate, as well as, so delicate? I guess you call it double trouble. If you see this beer, buy it. There are no mistakes in the Mosaic IPA from St. Archer9%


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