Sunday, May 18, 2014

Jack White, Lazaretto & the Future of Storytelling?

Jack White | Lazaretto
Jack's back with an ultra new solo record. On June 10th White will release Lazaretto via his Third Man label. For those of us who love to hear someone rocking out, there aren't too many shredding harder than this hyper-talented innovator. The first offering from the album is, "High Ball Stepper." This latest LP is the result of Jack digging even deeper into his bag of tricks. The "Ultra" version will be pressed on 180 gram vinyl and will include two hidden tracks beneath the center labels. No need to peel away in order to listen — genius. One of the hidden gems will play at 78 rpm, while the other will perform at 45rpm, creating a three-speed record. There will be dual-groove technology implemented on the track, "Just One Drink", allowing for the dichotomy of an acoustic and electric track, depending on where the needle is dropped. As it continues to spin the grooves eventually meet, thus meshing the two sounds into one for the duration of the song. Both sides are pressed in a flat-edge format and will end in locked grooves for continual play. Side A will offer up the first ever Dead Wax area, which will house a hand-etched hologram by artist Tristan Duke. The vinyl addition also has a varied running order and implements some different mixes. As a Vault member I am over the moon excited to unearth this treasure. Jack White is the man, thanks for taking care of the music and the listener. Long live Third Man.

High Ball Stepper | Jack White | Lazaretto

The Lazaretto Ultra LP | Third Man Records | Jack White


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