Sunday, April 3, 2011

record store day

support the music & local businesses...
record store day is the one day, in which i don't feel guilty making a purchase, on a day created solely for consumption. why? because i love music. that & the fact that my favorite record store is in my home county. the last record store is a great place to spend some time looking for your favorite tracks or hard to find rarities. they do an amazing job of bringing in good quality used vinyls, as well as, staying stocked with new LP's. they also carry CD's, used & new, DVD's & a small collections of apparel. which i might add, is kick ass!
if you happen to live in western north carolina, i recommend hitting harvest records, in asheville. another gem tucked away on the west side of town. it's a super cool neighborhood, check it out.
some of the vinyl high-lights i'm stoked for this year are: built to spill, ripple; a "side by side" record of love hurts, the A side is gram parsons with emmylou harris. the B side is jenny & johnny. it seems as though the gorillaz are releasing an album around record store day. the fall, as it's titled, is a collection of live tracks taken from their performances on tour in north america.
anyway you slice it, record store day is the day for audiophiles. plus you get to support a local business in your community. enjoy!


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