Tuesday, March 29, 2011

spring winter

... Tahoe was heavenly

between march 18th-23rd, i experienced some of the best snow days ever at tahoe. it was the epitome of a spring winter. heavenly was epic. the amount of snow was stupid & to top it all off, my mom turned 50! it was an especially magical day on the 22nd. my mom, wife, andrew & i got up early & crushed a full day of skiing. it embodied the mantra of 'living each day to its fullest'. to shred the mountain with my family was too much. that was my mom's birthday too, so heavenly couldn't have been better. both the nevada & california sides had great powder & minimal traffic. fresh runs could & were found late into the afternoon. agent M (my wife) had an exhilarating adventure. during one juncture of the day she chose to go with a 30-40 minute back country line. i was so stoked on that.
whether it was chilling at the rental, eating good food, drinking tasty beverages, hanging in south lake or skiing the mountain, last week was memorable. what a way to celebrate. thanks to all those who made the effort to get there & to the one who made it happen... you know who you are. happy birthday mom!


also, due to tons of snow, many resorts have extended the final days into april & may. (may day may day)

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  1. hell yes! way to shred the powder, eighty choices!! you're an inspiration :)