Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the fresh part of waking up...

in the sleepy realm of morning, when only your eyes are partially working & the thought of work turns you off, nothing appeals quite like coffee. good coffee is almost worth waking up for. i can think of some other things that would make this list, but they will remain unmentioned. if you happen to live in the greater bay area, than you may already have a favorite roaster in your hood or on your route. some of the top roasters in the nation call california home. there are sure to be others, yet here is a small list of roasters worth mentioning...
in the metropolitan bay area there's four barrel coffee & ritual coffee roasters, both in sf & bluebottle coffee co. in oak town. when in santa cruz, check out verve coffee roasters. north of golden gate the list grows long, so i'll focus on sonoma county, which has a plethora of quality roasters. in the west county you have taylor maid & sunshine. in the confines of santa rosa you have a'roma roasters, flying goat, & ecco caffe. a bit further north up the coast is thanksgiving coffee co.
so when you need a cup of joe, think of the local roasters. they aim for the highest quality & strive for social justice. reduce & reuse by bringing your own mug, it's more fun that way. keep in mind that world wide, coffee is second only to oil in terms of a traded commodity. so if you have to wake up, indulge in a good cup of coffee. not only will it taste better, it feels better.

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