Sunday, May 9, 2010

anders osborne & stanton mooore

two of the coolest cats to call new orleans home will be teaming up at the hopmonk in sebastopol. the well traveled anders osborne & big easy native, stanton moore, have collaborated in the past & are now on tour together. their show is wednesday night, may 12th.
stanton seems to be everywhere lately, leaving his mark on all sorts albums. garage a trois' newest, power patriot, came out earlier in the year in which he drums along side skerik, mike dillon & marco benevento. he plays in the band dragon smoke, (featuring eric lindell on guitar, ivan neville on the keys & robert mercurio on bass) which made an appearance at the hopmonk back in december & is rumored to be working on an album. then there's the latest installment, ya-ka-may, from the funk machine that is galactic. and yet, amidst all of that creativity he managed to drop his solo record, groove alchemy. not to be outdone, he produced anders' latest record, american patchwork, for alligator records. that's how those who are that gifted roll i guess? thankfully those of us in tune with the true & real music of contemporary america can tap into these artistic treasures. thanks to NOLA for making great music, while preserving & passing down its robust culture through narrators such as these. make it out to the abbey for some killer tunes & fine ales, you don't want to miss this! see you there...

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  1. thanks for the great run down. I went to the show & it blew me away!