Thursday, April 8, 2010

14th annual legendary boonville beer festival

on may 8th, catch one of the best times each year with the legendary boonville beer festival. not only do you get to knock back premium micro brews from the west, you camp on location, thereby prolonging the all day/night debauchery. my friends & i have made this a yearly ritual of sorts. it's good old fashioned fun fueled by exceptional beer. often times this marks the beginning of the camping season. bring your gear & an appetite for beer, it doesn't get much better. arrive early to get an ideal camping site & prepare yourself for the drinking experience you so desire. the gates open at a quarter to noon, saturday, may 8th. taps will be flowing from 1 until 5. be mindful however, many of the the smaller brewers were tapped out early last year. find your favorites & try the exotics.

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