Friday, April 2, 2010

take me out to the ballgame...

opening day in the big leagues is april 4th. that game features two "huge market" teams with a historic rivalry. the season gets under way for most on april 5th. i prefer small market teams and/or those who have grown a team from within the organization for the most part. take the twins for instance, a lot of their top talent came from the draft or were groomed in their farm system. one of whom is catcher, joe mauer, arguably the best baseball player on earth. sure the twins just signed him to an 8 year contract for a huge amount of loot. and yes there are trades made by every team that compete for the playoffs year in & year out. but those are the right decisions to make so that a small market team can compete for a world series, especially signing mauer. the minnesota twins are my favorite pro sports team, Go TWINS. if you can, get out and soak in a game. baseball is such an amazingly thoughtful sport, with spectacular athletes, who possess amazing skills. just think of the games within the game. there are 162 contests, hopefully we can all make it to some. did i mention... Go TWINS?!

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