Wednesday, December 18, 2019

So Good So Far 2019

Where has the year gone? December's in full swing and the holiday craze is creeping in on us. One way to mitigate the hustle and bustle of the season is through music. The second half of 2019 has flown by, just as some of us will be flying for the holidays. So whether you're traveling to see family, or trying to escape them, music can be the tool to help remedy the stress.

Back when the summer sun was shining I listed my favorite albums from the first half of the year. Now that we're on the back nine it's time to round out the list. With all the content available to consume sometimes the best stuff falls through the cracks. Below is a small sample of the riches that exist within the sonic landscapes of 2019.

Music soothes the soul, brings us together, and allows us a safe space to be ourselves. Enjoy the holiday season and ring in the new year with some music. So far so good. So good so far. 

Dame D.O.L.L.A. / Big D.O.L.L.A. / Aug. 9
assassin on the court and on the mic, mean bars, nasty beats, he's elite, lyrically dropped Shaq, diamonds shine brighter on some rough necks, Baggage Claim, main attraction, Ricky Bobby

Marco Benevento / Let It Slide / Sep. 20
80's vibes, Solid Gold, funky, dance to it, drip with it, Baby Don't Make Me Wait, breakdowns like nobody else, Send It On A Rocket,

Amendola vs. Blades / Everybody Wins / Oct. 11
the new duo, drums and keys, percussive, funk, jazz, Hi-Lo, outer space, earthlings, catch your breath, room to breath, Hambela

Circles Around the Sun meets Joe Russo / EP / Oct. 18
grateful, instrumental, musicianship, funky sounds, peddle effects, Get It Right the First Time, William Onyeabor meets The Band, Added Addition

Free Nationals / Free Nationals / Dec. 13
long awaited, welcome to the funk lounge, On Sight, synth-pop-gospel, Oslo, hip hop too, Cut Me a Break, everybody's welcome

Honorable Mention
Raphael Sadiq / Jimmy Lee / Aug. 23
Robert Randolph & the Family Band / Brighter Days / Aug. 23
Lana Del Rey / Norman Fucking Rockwell / Aug.30
Wilco / Ode to Joy / Oct. 4

Best Singles 
Julia Jacklin - Someday / Princess Nokia - S.H.I.T. & Balenciaga / Valerie June - Cosmic Dancer

Happy Holidays,

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