Wednesday, July 3, 2019

So Far So Good 2019

So far so good. That's exactly what I was thinking, especially this particular year. Change is change and sometimes change is good. I'm super stoked for Independence Day this year, Pacific coast here we come. Getting out of our city will act as a reminder, and possibly a barometer, for what's been done and what could be. I know, live in the now. 

Summer has struck without it being too hot, yet. The occasional summer showers or lightening storms are a welcomed blast of nostalgia. Agent M and I have been doing a shit ton of biking, like, a lot. Anyhow, when it warms up and the sun is shining, we can all relate to the ways in which summer feeds us. Thanks summer, thanks mother earth. 

Enjoy The Fourth with friends and family, festivities or new found adventure. Whether outside grilling or inside chilling, summer tunes never hurt. Music is a must on summer road trips however. Below is a quick list of my favorite albums during the first half of 2019.
So Far So Good...

Sharon Von Etten | Remind Me Tomorrow
big, score-like, she baits you in, atmospheric, imagery, I Told You Everything, Hands

Julia Jacklin | Crushing
best album so far, too good, too truthful, painful and beautiful, CRUSHING, CRUSHING

Jeff Tweedy | Warmer
extra baggage, tales, you know who the fxck he is, Guaranteed 

Kevin Morby | Oh My God
smokey, piano, clearly understood, misunderstood, wiser, word play, unkept, just right, O Behold

Faye Webster | Atlanta Millionaires Club
whiney pop ballads, hybrid synth jangle, tambourines and pedal steel, country R&B, is this shit real?

Prince | Originals 
Prince, Prince songs, Prince was a genius, I miss Prince, purple & blue

So long, happy 4th.


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